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My name is Bijay Gautam and let me be honest with you for a moment.

I come from a very humble beginning. My parents had to struggle a lot to send me and my sister to the school. As a kid, I always dreamed to work on my own because I have seen my father working really hard for a small salary.


I completed my high school from Nepal in 2011 and came to Delhi for my Undergraduate as I couldn't make it to the Kathmandu University. I was an average kid all my life. 

I was very disappointed with myself for not being able to make it to that university. That was when I committed to myself that I am going to be the best wherever I go.


I remember working harder than ever before during my college. I started reading self-help books and attend motivational seminars. That's when I started believing in myself. Eventually, I topped my college, awarded as best student of the year, grabbed full fee waiver scholarship and graduated from college with job in hand with Sun Pharma (largest pharma company in India).


I couldn't believe that I was that same average kid. That was when I realized we all have untapped potential within ourselves if properly channeled can transform our life.


Soon after I joined my job, I realized I was meant for something else. I was losing motivation and had a deep feeling that I was wasting my talent.

I wanted to decode the thought process and habits of successful people and learn from them. That's when I came with an idea of starting a podcast. After six months of research and study, I launched my podcast The Inspiring Talk. I was doing my job during the day and recording episodes during night.

I was learning a lot from the successful people whom I have interviewed and became very good friends with some of them. They would share with me how can I make my own fortune and follow my passion of inspiring others to tap into their inner potential.

After 15 months of starting a podcast, I quit the job to do this full time.

Today, The Inspiring Talk is one of the top self-help podcasts in India with over 250,000 downloads. It was finalist for Asia's Best Podcast Award at Asia Podcast Summit. I get invited to speak at conferences and events all over India and run my own business.

I am a podcast coach & Consultant and professional speaker on Inspiration. I have shared stages with amazing professional speakers such as Fredrik Haren and James Taylor at Professional Speakers Summit in Chennai in 2019.

I have been featured in national media like The Hindu and The Hindustan Times.

Execute your goals and dreams while everyone else is complaining.

Bijay Gautam

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If you are looking for someone who can bring energy to your conference and inspire people in your organizations, you are in the right place. I speak to inspire to tap into their true potential through stories, jokes and successes and failures of successful people whom I have been able to interview.

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