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 Next Class starts on 19 Apr. 2020  

Take your message to the world

Do you have a message to share with the world? Awesome. Podcasting not only allows you to share your message to the world on your own voice but also build your audience and start your own business around it.


But it could take months to launch and years to build your audience. Where do I start? How do I pick right topic? How do I target my listeners? What equipment do I use? How do I make my show engaging? And once you launch your podcast, how are you going to grow your audience?

I am going to help you save your time and cut through all the confusion and doubts not only to launch your podcast but also help it grow.

In this Six Weeks Online Group Podcast Coaching Program, I'll walk you step-by-step through the process to launch your own professional podcast. With my support and accountability of the group, you will have your podcast out to the world in six weeks, so you can start building your authority and influence among your audience.

Hi, I'm Bijay 

I am Producer and Host of #1 self-help podcast in India, The Inspiring Talk where I interview today's most successful and Inspiring personalities every week. This show was a finalist for Asia's Best Podcast Award at Asia Podcats Summit. I also host another podcast called Podcast Unfiltered where I chat with fellow podcasters.

As India's #1 podcast coach and consultant, I have coached over 100 people directly and trained over 2000 people through workshops, webinars and training


Throughout the course of creating and growing my own shows and those of my students, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't, how to grow the show and build business around the podcast. I quit my job to podcast full time and help others do the same.

By working with my students in the past I have realized it is not just about launching the podcast but also about growing it successfully and eventually converting your listeners to your customers.

That's why I put together all my learning, successes and failures to create this Coaching Program, to help aspiring podcasters like you successfully launch, grow and monetize their podcasts.

Course Fee: INR 14,999 ($ 210)

Price Rises Soon

Original Price: INR 24,999 ($ 345)

Program Information

This Six Weeks group podcast coaching program is designed keeping aspiring podcasters like you in mind. If you are new to podcasting world and want to avoid pitfalls and confusions and you're looking for hand-holding along the way, this coaching is for you.

  • Learn from the comfort of your home: The session is conducted online to help you learn without having to leave your home.

  • You are not alone: Several other participants will be on the group working towards the same goal as yours. This group not only acts as your accountability team but also motivates you to launch your podcast.

  • Actionable weekly assignments: After each sessions, you will be provided with worksheets and templates with actionable tasks to keep you going. This ensures that you launch your podcast by the end of the program.

  • WhatsApp Group: This group is where you will ask all your questions and share your progress with me throughout the program in addition to live sessions. After the program is over, you'll be part of Alumni group of fellow podcasters.

You will learn

In this six weeks online coaching, you'll learn all about:

  • Why podcast is very powerful tool and how can it help your business grow?

  • How you can grow your influence and authority in your domain using a podcast?

  • Detailed step-by-step hand-holding right from coming with your idea (if you don't have one) to launching your podcast.

  • How to target your listeners, develop very engaging show format and structure your content?

  • All technical stuff- what equipment and software to use, how to record professional quality audio, audio editing, interviewing, hosting and publishing.

  • How to develop show notes, write episode summary and transcript your episodes?

  • How to setup your podcast for lead generation for your business?

  • How can you invite unapproachable people as guest on your show and where to find guests?

  • All resources and tools to effectively promote your launch on social media and strategies on growing and monetizing your podcast. 

You will also get following bonuses with your group coaching

Video Course

You will get access to my online course on audio editing. This course contains over 20 video lessons on mastering audio recording and editing.


You will get templates and checklists that I use for my own podcast. It includes pre-interview checklist, audio recording cheatsheet, comprehensive podcast launch checklist and email templates to invite successful people as guest.


You will also get an access to the WhatsApp group where you get to not only collaborate and interact with fellow participants but also clear your doubts with me throughout the week. After the program is over you will be added to alumni group which is thriving group of past participants.

“​​​​​​​Bijay has been a constant force behind my podcast Tutalage , He helped my vision turned to reality. From planning to execution with such an eye on detailing.. superbly dedicated and an amazing person to work with if you are thinking of having your own podcast.  ” 


—  Priyadarshini Barik,


Some of my past  student's Podcasts

Frequently asked questions

What is this program about?

This program is all about coming out with your idea (if you don't have one) about podcasting and launching your own as you complete this program.

When Will this program Start?

This program will start on 19th April 2020 and will last for Six Sundays.
Time: 9:00-11:00 AM IST

How will this coaching be conducted?

This group coaching is conducted online every Week for 2 hours so that you can sit back at comfort of your home and take course. You will be assigned with task for the week before you come for next session so that you are able to launch your own podcast by the end of this program. I will ensure that your podcast gets launched by the end of this program as long as you are equally committed.

How is program structured?

The program is structured in such a way that you have no option but to launch your podcast by the end of this program. The comprehensive six modules covers everything you will ever need from coming out with your podcasting idea to launching your first ever episode.

Your progress is tracked throughout the week through a dedicated WhatsApp group for participants of this program. Every Wednesday and Friday is when you submit your assignments, share your challenges, progress and keep updated with progress of fellow participants.
You will also be provided with access to my online video course on recording and editing audio which has more than 22 video lessons so that you won't get stuck. I will share equipment, software and tools you will need and how to set them up for your podcast. I will also give you email templates that I use to invite highly successful guests on my own show. ​

Do I need any technical knowledge?

Nope. The program is designed in such a way that you will be able to follow through and easily understand the technological aspect involved. You will be given with Video tutorials on editing your podcast audio.

How much will equipment costs me?

As you must know the course fee doesn't cover the cost of getting equipment. I will guide you with the best option at very reasonable budget. If you want to host a solo podcast your setup will be ready under 8000 and for co-hosted or live guest the price will be under 30000. Also, I will guide you for FREE way to start your podcast, if you are not looking at investing in equipment.

Who should I contact for further details and questions?

Feel free to reach out to Bijay Gautam for any questions or clarifications. You can WhatsApp him at 8376932679 or email bijay(at)theinspiringtalk(dot)com.

What if I miss a session during the course?

I got your back. I will send you the recorded copy of the session and you can ask any questions and clarify doubts on dedicated WhatsApp group.

What is the time commitment required from my side?

Apart from 2 hours every week for the session, you will be required to allocate 4-5 hours every week for being able to launch your podcast at the end of Six weeks.

Start Your Podcast Now

Podcasting has changed my life. I not only was able to quit my 9-5 job but also generate multiple sources of income. It is the best way to network with influencers and build your authority. 

My six weeks group podcast coaching program has helped several people like you through the process of launching and succeeding with their podcast.

Join the coaching program and see how much it can help you and your business.

Join me on a FREE 90 minutes Podcast to Profit Masterclass to learn how you can build your influence, authority and business using a podcast.

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